What we do: An anecdotal rant

I started this past Monday energetic. It is my split day. I love split days. I work in the hospital in the morning, my private clinic in the afternoon, and still get to go home at 5 pm. Some afternoons I have health professions education rounds. The latter has lately been my preferred indulgence; or … Continue reading What we do: An anecdotal rant

“Time does not pass, it continues”

 Have you ever had a fleeting thought accompanied by an unrelenting eagerness to write it down. To document it. Make it history I suppose...I suppose this falls in that category. Have you ever felt like you have been robbed of those precious moments, when you found the time to chase a train of thought … Continue reading “Time does not pass, it continues”


https://benheine.com         no copyright infringement is intended The following is part of a learning exercise I am preparing for this really cool class I am taking for my Master in Health Professions Education. It even has a cool acronym: INTAPT (INTerprofessional Applied Teaching and learning in health professions).  I have been MIA, but … Continue reading REFLEXIVE PRACTICE: MORE THAN JUST REFLECTION…On my residency experience


My favourite radio show is this program on ICI musique called "un nomade dans l'oreille". Translates: "a nomad in the ear". Catherine Pépin plays the most beautifully eclectic music every Saturday night. She motivates me to dance, daydream, and create. One of the many reasons why I am a diehard CBC radio fan. Listening to … Continue reading Friendship|Mentorship|Authorship

(im)mature butterflies

I realize this may sound melodramatic, but this past labour day long weekend I had some epiphanies. Evidently, I let this thought incubate over the start of Autumn. The weather has changed a lot since. I often think about the weather. As a scientist, I often really think about the weather. On occasion, I would … Continue reading (im)mature butterflies