Pretiola: Little Rewards

Pulling of the Pretzel - Jan van Bijlert I couldn't get over the crunchiness. It was those gluten-free pretzels my mom got recently. I was visiting my parents. I have been visiting them a lot lately. I am grateful that they are only a 30 min bike ride away. I take that for granted. Both … Continue reading Pretiola: Little Rewards

The Daunting Wall – Lessons from a pandemic

I think we woke up with almost two hours grace. I could sense my friend was restless. Our sleep was repeatedly interrupted with micro-anticipatory-awakenings. I am sure he would have woken up another 35 minutes earlier. Knowing him, he would have accounted for those 5 min too. And in retrospect, I would have liked the … Continue reading The Daunting Wall – Lessons from a pandemic

Lessons from a research practicum

Whenever we find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma (with) two opposites that both seem desirable, the right question to ask ourselves is not which we should choose, but whether we have the dimensions rightGlenn Regher I recall when I first started thinking about my tentative research project - 2 years ago - readily … Continue reading Lessons from a research practicum